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We are inviting anyone from New York's rural schools - administrators, teachers, principals, teacher aides, health and mental health services, families, bus drivers, custodians, etc. to join our effort to keep up to date on what's emerging in your area, and give you a sense of how your area compares with other rural districts in NYS.

  • We will only send one question per week, via text, and you can respond right to the text message.

  • Results will be posted on this page before the next question is sent to you. 

  • Questions are always optional, answers are always anonymous, results are always aggregated. 

  • If at any time you want to end your participation, you can text STOP in response to any text from us.

9/28/20: Quick Question 9.  N = 72

9/18/20: Quick Question 8.  N=14

Vertical axis = number of districts having one mental health staff per category of students. 

Please note: One district reported having ZERO mental health staff; the "800+ district has one mental health staff for 1055 students!

9/9/20: Quick Question 7.  N = 28

Number students for ONE nurse.                            

The horizontal axis = how many students assigned per ONE nurse;

vertical axis = number of districts having that many students for each nurse.               

9/3/20. Quick Question 6.     N = 31

8/26/20 Quick Question 5.   N = 43

8/19/20 Quick Question 4.    N=68.           This question came from YOU!

8/19/2020: Quick Question 3.      N=46

8/3/20 Results for Quick Question 2: What is the most effective way you have solicited meaningful input from students' families on the recent budget and/or reopening in the fall? [open-ended] 32 Responses: (response rate = 29%):

Some responses listed more than one method - in all there were 38 methods reported:

33 found a way to get virtual (eg. not in-person) input from families

23 used surveys

6 used social media (Face Book, district website, Thought Exchange)

3 specified Zoom meetings

1 just said "virtual" - unknown what vector

1 had an in-person meeting

1 made phone calls to families

3 had unclear methods that included Board of Education meetings and committee meetings

7/29/20 Results for Quick Question 1: At this point, are your district's re-opening plans: Fully in-person; Fully online; Hybrid/Mix?other; Still deciding.    65 Responses: (response rate = 66%)

As of 7/16/2020, this is who is answering our Quick Questions:


                            51 Districts 

1/12/21: Quick Question 10. N=31

1/21/21 Quick Question 11. N=42

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