Student Video Contest Winners



For several years, your RSA has worked to promote student creativity and expression through annual contests.  First it was our Student Photo Contest.  There was great participation, the photos were amazing and we used them in our publications and at our Summer Conference.  Last year we held a Student Logo Contest.  Again, great participation.  Going to districts to present awards was particularly rewarding as we got to witness the support of fellow students when our winners were recognized.  Then there’s this year’s Student Video Contest; which is at a whole new level. 

We had 50 schools that participated and a couple of hundred student participants.  Their work was phenomenal.  Their chosen subjects did just what we’d hoped…highlighted the great things happening in our rural schools and communities!  Our top winners are listed below.  Each of them combined great writing, wonderful subject matter, student participation both in front of and behind the camera, great production quality and a sincerity that really showcased their love of their school and hometown.


As your RSA staff, it was heartwarming and a real morale booster as we work to support the value of our rural schools and their communities.  As you check out the videos, look for local school efforts that benefit their communities, like Newfield’s Fifth Grade Hunger Fighters and Lake Shore Central’s Bald for Bucks that supports those battling cancer.  And the Grand Prize Winner?  Oh, that’s more than special.  Any of our First Place Winners and Grand Prize Runners Up more than deserved to be the Grand Prize Winner.  There was only one difference between their videos and the one selected as the Grand Prize Winner and that was the fact that the Grand Prize Winning video was done completely by three Fourth Graders.  Written, filmed, acted and edited by Ally Draper, Henry Chase and Anna Rossner of Potsdam’s Lawrence Avenue Elementary School.  Their teacher showed them the contest ad and they were off! 

RSA is now traversing the state presenting award certificates and the accompanying cash prizes provided by the New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR.)  Students, school staff and community members alike all beam with pride when they see the video and recognize the efforts of the students who not only created it, but who obviously understand and love what it means to be from a rural school and community.  Hey, Game of Thrones is over…old news!  Check out the winners of the RSA Student Video Contest (sponsored by NYSIR)! 

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Potsdam GPW 6-6-19 BIG.jpg

Grand Prize Winner

Potsdam Elementary CSD

Students: Ally Draper, Henry Chase, Anna Rossner

MOBOCES 6-6-19.jpg

Grand Prize Runner Up

Madison - Oneida BOCES

SOAR Academy

Willaimson 6-6-19.jpg

Grand Prize Runner Up

Williamson CSD

Students: Josh Bailey, Irini Konstantinou

Newfield 6-6-19.jpg

First Place

Newfield CSD

Students:Lyla Freund, Alex Blakely,  Miah Simpson

Pine Plains 6-6-19.jpg

First Place

Pine Plains CSD

Student: Angelina Mannino