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Blog Series: Course on "Inclusive Rural Development" - Installment 4 of more than 6

Class 2, Summary of Reading #3:

Meyer F., J. Miggelbrink and T. Schwarzenberg. 2016. Reflecting on the margins: Socio-spatial stigmatisation among adolescents in a peripheralised region. Comparative Population Studies. 41(3/4): 285-320.

This was a really long reading, and not written in U.S. vernacular, so some words were used differently, and also meant different things, so following the story line was challenging.

The professor had each of us volunteer to read and summarize to the class one of the readings in this course, and I chose this one. As I summarized, I kept an eye and ear on the professor for any signs I may have misunderstood the reading, but did not get that… so this should be fairly correct. If you are a glutton for punishment, I encourage you to read the original article. Let me know if you agree with my interpretation!

The authors found a rural area of Germany dealing with population and economic decline similar to what we are seeing in rural areas in the U.S., and set out to learn about how youth are experiencing this. Specifically, how do negative attitudes about others (outside the community) contribute to negative stigma of one’s