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Blog Series: Course on "Inclusive Rural Development" - Installment 2 of more than 6

After completing this course of six 3-hour classes, it is clear that if I continue to summarize one 3-hour class and its assigned readings per blog post, they will all be prohibitively long. So from here forward, each post will consist of a summary of either one of the readings, or the class content itself. In this way, each class will be represented by about 4 blog posts. I’ll clearly label them to make it easier for those of you who do all your homework (and I know each of you will read all of this thoroughly), to go back and find an earlier read if you need it for reference. Now for this week's installment...

Class #2, Summary of Reading #1:

Clifton J. et al. 2016. Public infrastructure services in the European Union: challenges for territorial cohesion, Regional Studies, 50(2): 358-373