Compassion Fatigue in Teachers

We have been learning more about how best to communicate research and information to you. As part of a fellowship called "Knowledge Matters" we produced this short (less than 7 min) video on self-care for compassion fatigue, aimed at teachers. (Click below to watch video.)

It talks about negative impacts of compassion fatigue, and gives 6 pointers for prevention. Further resources can be found below.

More Resources --

- Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project: more information about the issue

- SAMSHA: Eight Dimensions of Wellness: definitions and resources for personal and community (school, classroom) use.

- Princeton- Umatter: wellness assessment and planning worksheets.

- National Sleep Foundation: What is sleep hygiene? Definitions and tips.

- Sleep Education: Health Sleep Habits. More tips.

- A Soft Murmur. Website that lets you pick one, or a combination of, ambient sounds for relaxation (there are lots of sites like these - free).

- Nutrition and Stress: tips.

- Nutrition and Stress Management. More in-depth, with good news about coffee and chocolate!

- Exercising to Relax, from Harvard Medical School. Excellent explanations, along with tips, and a script for progressive muscle relaxation.

- National Institutes of Health Emotional Wellness Toolkit. Just what the title says.

- National Institutes of Health Social Wellness Toolkit. Also just what it says, this one for social wellness.

- Illinois State University News: 7 Ways to Improve Spiritual Wellness. A nice explanation, good tips, and a list of additional resources at the end. Some of these can only be accessed at ISU, but others are immediately accessible online.