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Seeking High Schools to Collaborate on a Study of Poverty and Economic Inequality

Cornell Professor Tom Hirschl is looking for partners to collaborate on a research study assessing student attitudes toward poverty and economic inequality. The research follows up from his co-authored book Chasing the American Dream (2014, Oxford University Press), and involves a test/retest design in high school classrooms. Students will be asked a set of questions related to attitudes toward inequality, randomly assigned to treatment versus control groups, then tested again. To compensate students and the school, Professor Hirschl will provide the study data for use in high school curriculum (math, statistics, social studies, and consumer science), will provide a workshop to staff and/or students about how student attitudes compare to national attitudes and what can be done to improve student experiences. In addition, a small cash payment will be made for course budgets.

**If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Gretchen Rymarchyk at or 607-254-3557.

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The poverty risk calculator (URL "") is a powerful tool that can provide insight into some of the more important dynamics of American poverty. The intended audience for the calculator is broad. We anticipate that it will be used by many different groups in order to delv