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Cuba Rushford Teacher Scott Jordan Named National Rural Teacher of the Year

Cuba Rushford Central School District teacher Scott Jordan has been named the National Rural Educator of the Year by the National Rural Education Association. Mr. Jordan was nominated and supported by your RSA as New York State’s designee for the award.

Here in New York State’s rural communities, Scott is a hero and a legend. RSA is hopeful that his selection for this award will raise the profile of this phenomenal program, allowing our rural states (that are perfectly suited to replicate this program) to bring its benefits to the thousands of students who would benefit. Said RSA Executive Director David little, “Two years ago I was approached by a BOCES board of education member from Scott’s area, who simply said that I had to see this program and that I wouldn’t believe it. He was right.”

For Scott to have accomplished such a comprehensive undertaking in a rural community was a financial, educational and political miracle. Think of it! Scott created a fully functioning fish hatchery (on school grounds, including the construction of the pond, using students interested in law to obtain the needed federal and state wetlands permits) that coordinates with our NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, making his students vital components of wildlife management. He created a deer management park (Deerasic Park!) that allows students to study rut, gestation periods, disease management, life cycles and general health monitoring.) Their research is compared with field studies they conduct and coordinate with state and federal agencies, contributing directly to our knowledge base. Their list of other science based student activities is lengthy and unparalleled.