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Cornell Study Surveys Hispanic Workers on NY Dairy Farms

Since the mid-1990s New York dairy farm employers have relied heavily on Hispanic workers (mostly from Mexico and Guatemala) to fill labor-intensive dairy positions. This study is a partial replication of a 2005 survey when 111 Hispanic workers and 60 dairy managers in New

York State were interviewed (Maloney and Grusenmeyer 2005). The purpose of this survey is to update parts of the 2005 survey, to examine the demographic characteristics of New York.

Hispanic dairy workers and gain insight into their attitudes toward their jobs. The information was collected in on-farm personal interviews of 205 Hispanic workers and 36 dairy managers during the summer of 2016.

The average age of Hispanic workers on these farms is 30 years old. Far fewer workers (16.6%) are between 16-21 years of age compared to the 2005 report where 39% were in this age group. The majority of those surveyed (95.6%) were male. Most workers (80%) come from

Mexico, with the remainder coming from Guatemala. One out of two (52%) have completed between 9-12 years of education. More than half (55.6%) report that they do not speak English well, while 37.6% say they speak some English. The average number of years working in the United States is 12.5. The majority (60%) have worked for one or two employers, while 28.8% have worked for